An Honest Review of the 3 Week Diet – Secrets Unveiled!


You cannot go wrong with the 3 week diet if you want to lose weight fast. Is it worth all the hype? Stay with me to know more! 


Read to find out the secrets of the 3 week diet – lose weight in 3 weeks!

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First of all, I would raise a few questions before we begin talking about the 3 week diet.

Do you want to get in the best possible shape?

You’ve reached the right place at just the right time. Congrats!

Will the 3 Week Diet help in losing weight in a span of 3 weeks?

This website strives to provide you with an honest feedback. I’ve been a witness to the changes I saw in a dear friend of mine who had made the decision to try out The 3 Week Diet. As a result, I’m in a good condition to drop an honest feedback before you opt on whether to try it out. Chapter 1 of the 3 week diet is available at absolutely no charge to you as a limited time offer for you to test drive!

3 Week Diet

  3 Week Diet – What is it?


A meal plan sporting 96 pages by the famous nutritionist and scientist Brian Flatt, which contains a handful of weight loss secrets, which if followed, one can lose 9 kilos in 3 weeks. It does what other diet plans only claim! Helps in losing weight.


His secrets, which he had discovered after a lot of research, have worked wonders for a lot of people who embarked on a fat loss journey.

A signal is sent to the body to start burning fats to energy, then the starvation mode will commence. The body will ensue burning fat for powering up the heart, lungs and your other body parts because of the starvation mode. This process is 100% natural and you’ll get results without the need to worry about the side-effects!

These Phases constitute the 3 Week Diet:

  • 43 pages of Introduction
  • 22 pages of Diet Manual
  • 17 Pages of Exercise Manual
  • 13 pages of Will Power, Mindset and Motivation Manual

You’ll be in the best possible shape and the program makes sure you don’t put on weight soon after. This is as natural as it gets.

3 week diet – lose weight in 3 weeks: Phases

I’ve thrown light on the phases below:

1. Detoxification of Liver:

You are sure to shed more pounds in this phase than any other. This step focuses on cleansing the liver.

Vitamins A, C, and D are recommended by nutritionist Brian Flatt as these will help in liver detoxification, will increase your sensitivity to insulin so your body will turn into a fat burning machine!

A list of 6 sources of protein and 17 veggies can be found in this phase. Follow this phase for 7 days and then proceed further.

2. Fasting for 24 hours:

The second phase requires you to take a fast for 24 hours. Proceed to this step after the first step is completed by you successfully. You must start to fast after the day 7’s dinner and continue until 8th day’s dinner time. It will help in cleansing your liver, this will make an ideal condition for the body, so it will start to burn fat with more efficiency.

After that, feel free to eat what you feel like, but you must keep a check on your carbohydrates.

3. Phase #3:

Your liver will become more efficient and the body will burn fats from the hips and belly. Follow from Day #9 – #12.

Fats aren’t responsible for making you fat.

4. Determine your BMR:

Start this phase after day #12 and continue until 21. Consume calories in these days which can be determined according to your Basal metabolic rate (BMR).

There are two steps involved. In the first step, you’ll get to know the way with which you can calculate your BMR and you will be creating calorie deficiency in the body according to the calculated BMR. You will get to your goals faster than ever.

3 week diet – lose weight in 3 week

3 week fitness diet plan

What about the Cons of the 3 Week Diet?

3 week diet has its own pros and cons like you’d expect from a product. Let’s throw some light on the pros first.

Why get the 3 week diet:

Made for the people with hectic schedules:

People sparingly have time to stick to a diet plan, Brian’s genius knew that! You can and should spare just 15-25 minutes of your time 3 times a week for your health. If you’re reading this, I guess health is of the utmost concern to you!

Methods backed with a scientific proof:

I have scrutinized the guide and my conclusion is that Brian has shared the best secrets out of his playbook and he has proved them scientifically as well.

You’ll get Quick Results:

Would you like to wait for ages if all you want is to lose weight fast? This program will aid you in losing fat and will also keep you motivated. If you wonder if this is safe, don’t worry, there’s a widespread myth that slow fat loss is good for a better health, which is totally WRONG.

A 30-day Refund Guarantee:

You get a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30-day refund guarantee. Isn’t it cool? You get your hard earned money back if you don’t seem to like it. It is the confidence Brian Flatt has in his product.


The program is tried and tested by people like us and a lot are pleased with the program. Following are a few of the testimonials:

3 week diet review by Elisa

3 week diet review by James


This program has some cons just as you’d expect.

Only Digital Versions are available:

Comes only in a digital variant in PDF format. This can be a win-win for some since you will be able to get it instantly without waiting. However, depending on the taste, there are many people who don’t like digital goods.

Here’s the Verdict:

3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt is for guys who wish to achieve their goals in the least possible time. You’re fully covered with a 30-day refund guarantee. Most of all, all it takes is your 3 weeks, it will only do you good!

I seriously hope my review helps you in deciding on the 3 week diet. Grab your copy below at a DISCOUNT! What are you waiting for?!?

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Here’s your Sample Chapter as Promised:

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